"one of the more unique design when its come to a dive watch that I havent seen in quite awhile"- Bob, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces

"really good pop on it, probably the best pop I've seen on a NH35","this dial i kinda likes the most, it's brushed metal and it's really reflects light and it's changes it's look big time like you can go from brushed metal to boom, it's likes stalk white almost. Its just very dynamic" - Rob, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, Random Rob

"The MMI Dumbo is a new watch with an admittedly very funny name, but it comes with some interesting design elements that I think are worth taking a look at.""The case of the Dumbo has a symmetry to it that is often missing from watches with a square-ish shape because of the unique way that the crown is recessed into the “corner” of the watch to fit flush with the case. This allows the Dumbo to present much more cleanly than if a substantial screw down crown had been placed at the normal 3:00 position. With the crown tucked into the 4:00 corner instead, it’s protected by the Dumbo’s shape itself, and as an added bonus doesn’t protrude or offer any sort of aesthetic distraction."Zach Kazan, Author, Worn & Wound

"Super cool crown not only that its signed with MMI logo, its come to a point even as it's matches the whole symmetrical design of the watch.You guys can see how its chamfered down inside here. Really kind of almost hide the crown, but kind of super protected. BUt Its just really added the whole symmetrical of the watch", "very very nice lume, very heavily applied on them". - Aron, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, Aron Dunlap-OFD Watch Channel

"but let check out (the bezel) oh god, that is amazing, that is amazing, i have not felt a bezel that nice before, especially in a micro brand","you can see the lime there, done very well" Chris, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, Marshall Time

"the blue dial version of the dumbo is absolutely stunning, its hard tell as 1st glance but its feature light horizontal brushes stroke and arrays of blue tones","the dumbo by MMI is one of the best Kickstarter project this year and easily my favourite diver watch to come out in 2019"- Patrick, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, Take Time, w/Patrick Marlett

"look at the bezel around these case, it really really outstanding, the lume is applied extremely well. This bezel here is a real highlight for me, look at the coin edge, it really beautiful.","there a lot of the main stream brand could actually learn from this the coin bezel is absolutely outstanding". - Mark, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, Average Bros.

"so what make this watch to me is the crown, such a cool cool design. MMI has done a great job here, you hardly even know there. very it easy to use in that position". - Scott, Watch Reviewer, YouTube, Watches Galore