TURRET 300M DIVE WATCH ( Standard Specification SuperLumiNova Grade X1)

Turret 300M, dive watch design concept is inspired by an “Iron-Clad” naval warship, U.S.S Monitor.


Its warship technology was state of the art during its era, which transformed and revolutionized naval warfare till today. U.S.S Monitor new design iron-hulled ship structure was totally different from the early “Iron-Clad ship at that time. It neither had a masts nor Port/Starboard (Left/Right) line of cannons.

A 360-degree rotatable large cylindrical turret with 2 internal cannons was mounted in the middle of the ship. While other warships needed to maneuver to its target in line with its onboard port/starboard cannons to fire. U.S.S Monitor could instantly rotate its turret and fire instantly at its enemy.


Beside the turret, U.S.S Monitor had other innovative inventions onboard its ship, including a new compact steam engine and a below deck head (toilet) that could flushed below the water line. These naval warfare technology and inventions were the most advance during its era.

Similar to The U.S.S Monitor, we, MMI Watches,try our best to inject innovative design elements into their watches. When most watchmakers play it safe when it comes to watch design, we want every part of the watch’s design to be unique and stand out from the rest.